intertwine is a norwegian electronic/indie three-piece band. the music is atmospheric, weird, organic and synthetic at the same time. it features layers of dreamy vocals, large synths, catchy bass lines and crisp percussion. it can be catchy, and it can be shoegazy. sometimes it features a rusty old cornet with loads of delay pedals.

the band consists of tarjei ekelund on vocals/keys/cornet, aleksander berg on bass guitar and ruben nesse on drums.

Nordic Spotlight on singles "Let go" and "Alone" 25 february, 2019

Following last fall’s fantastic standalone single “Let Go,” Ekelund has returned with a luxuriant, smooth-as-silk track titled “Alone.”

The Line Of Best Fit on single "Tokyo"  7 june, 2018

"Tokyo" is a gleaming, yearning synthpop gem. It's a song which frames itself around the touchstones of Factory Records, the Balearic sound and classic icy Scandinavian electronics.“Tokyo” is a classic Intertwine single - all too rare, and completely brilliant